Doing business in the Netherlands

The country’s very stable political economy, highly educated workforce, extensive double tax treaties and pragmatic culture add to the country’s allure, especially for large and multinational companies.


Helping Insurers To Navigate Client Kyc

To facilitate corroboration, compliance professionals should confirm their policies and procedures regarding customer identification, specify if there exists any inherent risks


Updated Private Investment Fund Rules

As a result of engagement between the GFSC and local industry, recent changes were made through the publication of updated 2021 Rules and Guidance which provide an option to establish a PIF without an associated management company.


Cayman 3rd largest investor in US Securities during lockdown

Analysts have suggested that investors consider U.S. investments to be safer than those in other parts of the world during uncertain times, given the massive backing of the Federal Reserve and that the U.S. dollar remains the global reserve currency.


Offshore Banking Guide for Expats

In this case, look for offshore banks offering checking accounts with easy access to your money and deliver more benefits than a domestic account.