PartnerRe Ltd. Reports First Quarter 2021 Results

The favorable pricing conditions, combined with the benefits we are seeing from our re-underwriting actions and significant growth in third party capital, position us well to deliver improvements in our underwriting and financial results during the remain


GLI Finance rebrands to Sancus Lending Group

Recently funded projects include a £4.9m development loan to build 27 houses in Cornwall, a €1.05m bridging loan on a 23 apartment complex in South County Dublin and a £9.1m loan to build and develop 11 houses in Jersey.


Investment Limited Partnerships 101 (Part 2)

The ability to establish an ILP as an umbrella fund provides additional flexibility for managers that are considering setting up funds with differing investment strategies.


How do you value crypto?

Additionally, it appears that traditional investors, in which I would class myself, are now not asking whether to include crypto currencies in portfolios but how much to include.


Apex Group appointed by Canadian Music Royalty Fund

The Fund will seek to generate income and capital gains by acquiring catalogs of high quality, globally successful, enduring music copyrights and royalty streams with a focus on Canadian creators.


Tough year for Malta’s banks

In the case of MDB Group, most of the bank’s charges emanated from its significant exposure to international lending, as the group only incurred an impairment charge of less than €0.4 million in relation to local lending and the Dutch mortgage