COVID-19 in Jersey – a failure in risk management?

In health and safety and risk management we focus on identifying hazards that could potentially cause harm, and we assess the risk of that harm occurring (identifying the likelihood of an event and the degree of harm it could cause).


JFSC moves back to remote working

In response to these measures, both our regulatory and registry teams are now once again working remotely, except for a small number of essential members of staff.


BVI's remittance sector to take a battering from covid-19

BVI's remittance sector is expeced to take a hit as the latest estimates published in the World Bank's Migration & Development Brief show that global remittances will decline by 14% by 2021 compared to the pre-covid-19 levels in 2019.


Jersey’s COVID Alert App has launched

As a close-knit community we are encouraging as many people as possible to download the app to protect their colleagues, their family and their community.”